Rulers of Nations Geo-Political Simulator 2 - PC Full + Crack (RELOADED)

Download Megauplaod Rulers of Nations Geo-Political Simulator 2 PC Full + Crack RELOADED

Descrição: Players must solve the same complex issues that face President Obama including the global financial crisis, the US budget deficit, Afghanistan (the new Vietnam for NATO countries?), Iran (the next nuclear power?), and global warming Rulers of Nations, created by using the new Version 2.0 of Eversim’s powerful and most realistic geo-political game engine, also includes new challenges such as managing refugees after a catastrophe, colonizin countries, buying black market weapons, and creating energy sources, from solar to deep-sea oil drilling

Governing the U.S. on a constantly changing, perilous world stage is the ultimate challenge. Play solo or with friends (up to 16 online players and decide if other human or simulated Heads of State are your friends or enemies. Not only can you play the President, but your avatar looks like him Eversim has cleverly created 3D clones of the heads of major political leaders to add more realism to an already realistic game.

Rulers of Nations is played on a detailed 3D world map showing 192 countries and 8,000 cities in a visually stimulating user interface with multiple windows and on-screen video inserts. Each country has current data on 400 key factors (economics, energy, monetary, military, etc.) based on current data from 50 international organizations including the United Nations, G20, NATO, NAFTA, and OPEC.

Formato: Iso
Tamanho: 811 Mb
Mídia: 1 DVD
Gênero: Corrida
Release by: RELOADED - INFO
Idioma: Inglês
Ano de Lançamento: 2010

Processador: 2 GHz Processor
Memória Ram: 2 GB
Placa de Vídeo: 256 Mb
Versão do DirectX: 9.0c
Sistema Operacional: Xp/Vista/7
Espaço Livre: 128 Mb

1. Unrar
2. Montar a imagem
3. Instale o jogo. Update do jogo com o patch incluído na / crack dir / Atualização
4. Copie todo o conteúdo do cracking / crack dir no DVD ao seu
5. Jogue o jogo
6. Apoio a desenvolvedores de software. Se você gosta deste jogo, Compre


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